Sunday, August 20, 2017

Oriental Echoes: To Machout

Written while listening to Quant en moy. 

Oriental echoes 
Clash with the rising west, 
Strings and voices via for attention, 
Rising in unity voice echoes voice. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Creation Saturday: The Pain in My Left Foot

The memory of you 
Has become a dull ache, 
Like the pain in my left foot 
Caused by a stone bruise on my instep. 

Your memory 
Is an old injury 
Receding with time, 
Like the ache in my foot 
As the bruise heals. 

I can look forward to a day, 
When the wound of your memory disappears, 
Like an ingrown toenail 
Removed and dis cared 
With yesterday's trash. 

It wasn't always this way! 

There was a time 
When the memory of you 
Sent shar stabbing, burning pains 
Through the core of my being 
Like a rusty nail 
Penetrating the sole of my shoe 
And piercing the ball of my foot. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Oklahoma Memories

The thin-green carpet 
Breaks slowly through the rich soil 
Refreshing the air 

Black clouds gather in 
a sky of deepened blue 
And the warm rain falls 

Orange and gold leaves 
Fall slowly to the ground 
Making a carpet 

Swiftly the snow falls 
Making a carpet of white 
For me to walk on 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Reality: A Cactus Flower

Its ruby blossoms 
Glisten with morning dew 

Its thorns 
Take the heedless unaware 
Slash deep 
Draw blood 
Leave splinters in the open wound 

Remove the splinters 
Stop the blood 
The healing process must begin 

Left in 
The thorns will poison the soul 
Slay the spirit 
Kill all hope 

Poet's Note: This poem was written in 1992 or 1993. I think the inspiration was a nature documentary about the desert or desert plants. 

Monday, August 07, 2017

Motivational Monday: My Motivation to Write

Of the 200 poems dedicating to the Blessed Beauty, I have 113 finished. I have 87 poems to finish in 76 days which means I have to write 1 or 2 poems a day to finish by October 22. I think that is a strong motive to write poetry. 

If I encounter writer's stress or writer's block because of the deadline, I will say prayers or meditate. That usually helps. Another thing that helps is taking a short walk in the morning or the evening. Since it's summer time, I prefer to walk of a morning when it's cooler. 

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Loneliness or The Only Person

The original title of this poem was The Only Person; however, I have decided to change the name. I think I will give it a title of Loneliness. 

Is never so complete 
As when you set along 
Listening to the background noises. 

It is then 
You must face yourself, 
You must look within to find 
The spark that unites you with the Universe. 

The only person 
In a room is similar 
To being the only person on planet. 

A room 
Fells different 
When you share it with other people.